OuiLink Communications: 100% Canadian

Founded in Quebec, Ouilink specializes in information technology with an endeavor of providing high performance internet services and becoming the leading service provider in Quebec and Ontario. They offer IP TV, internet and IP Telephony.


OuiLink Communications: What to Expect

Ouilink offers cable services with download speeds ranging from 10mbps to 200mbps. They also offer wireless antenna services ranging in speeds from 10mbps to 50mbps.

Internet Speed Test Ouilink

You want to evaluate the speed of your internet connection and know what would be the ideal internet plan? Click on the Go button below and try our internet speed test! To learn more, visit the page dedicated to our speed test.

About Ouilink internet

Ouilink has a substantial network in Canada and supplies a large customer base nationwide. Soon, we will be publishing detailed information about the company's history.