PC Mobile phone plans: Prepaid plans from President's Choice

We understand how difficult it can be to find something truly perfect. This is especially pertinent in the telecommunications industry, where it often feels like every company is competing with each other. Fortunately, you may be able to find a phone plan that's right for you with PC Mobile phone plans.

PC Mobile

More about PC Mobile cell phone plans

PC Mobile was established in 2005 by President's Choice, the Canadian grocery store brand. PC Mobile offers affordable 30 day prepaid plans, which range in price depending on your specific needs. PC Mobile cell phone plans uses Bell's mobile network, and is currently accessible nationwide.

Comparative review of PC Mobile plans in Canada

PC Mobile's plans are quite cheap and uncomplicated. The bulk of their plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, with the more expensive plans including several gigabytes of data. If you know exactly what you need from a phone plan, you will likely find something affordable for you. Finally, you can easily top up your plan whenever you need to from their website.

More information on PC Mobile

History of PC Mobile

Since 1984, President's Choice has existed as a brand under Loblaws. PC Mobile was born in 2005, when President's Choice began expanding their products and services. By 2013, PC Mobile was selling Android phones and all kinds of mobile plans under Bell's network. However, they stopped selling postpaid plans in 2018, and had to move all their customers onto Koodo Mobile. Since then, PC Mobile has continued to sell prepaid plans in kiosks and online.

PC Mobile' network coverage

Due to their relationship with Bell, PC Mobile boasts impressive network coverage that reaches the majority of the Canadian population. If you want to see whether or not you live within reach of their network, make sure to check out their coverage map online.